FOR (1993 - 2021)

In 1993, HANNAH (9) picks up her father’s home video camera, and her life changes forever. Where she points her camera offers a window into her constantly-curious, developing mind. At first, the lens is on her best friend and neighbour, the outspoken, troubled BRONWYN (9). Also starring: Hannah’s cat PICKY-PICKY, her doting mother OLIVIA, and the woodland across the golf course where her father took his own life.

As a teenager, Hannah has growing dreams of becoming a filmmaker, and finds confidence in herself through more developed cameras and short films. Bronwyn emerges not only as her muse, but also her unrequited love interest, until Hannah goes to university and falls in love with another girl.

Over the following fifteen years, as Hannah and Bronwyn’s lives push and pull together, a fast-paced, heartfelt story is told through Hannah’s short films, behind-the-scenes footage, phone videos, documentaries and zoom calls, culminating in twin tragedies that bring their now-disparate lives together at the age of thirty-six.

(1993 – 2021) is a twenty-eight year odyssey about love, death, and friendship, told through the eye of a camera held by a little girl, a teenager, and finally a woman.

Michael Morgan Lavers

Writer / Director

Amy L. Banks

Lead Producer

Thomas McDonald