The First Snow That Falls

Writer / Director
When two teenage sweethearts reconnect in their late twenties,
they attempt to rescale the dizzying heights of first love,

  • Upcoming co-production between Canada and the UK
  • Produced by Steve Lennon
  • Screeplay reached the Sundance Screenwriters Lab second round and was a WeScreenplay semi-finalist

The Violinist

Writer / Director
A homeless violinist, chased to the last carriage of a train by the inspector, imagines herself at the centre of a fifties-style musical song-and-dance fantasy alongside the passengers that ignore her.

  • Funded by the Ontario Arts Council & Canada Council for the Arts.
  • Broadcasting on CBC Gems through 2022/23.
  • Lonely Wolf London International Film Festival 2020 WINNER – Best Director, Nominee – Best Musical, Best Original Composition, Best Production Design, Best Costume Design
  • Brazilian Monthly Film Fest 2020 WINNER Best Production Design, WINNER Best Director, Nominee Best Screenplay, Best Drama
  • Toronto Cyft Film Festival WINNER – Best Score
  • Music + Sound Awards 2020 Nominee – Best Original Composition for a Short Film

Joseph's reel

Writer / director - short film
When an elderly man is allowed to relive one day of his life before passing away, he becomes caught between reliving a beautiful memory and a heart-wrenching admission. Shot on 35mm, starring Robert Hardy, Alice Lowe, Oliver Tilney and Ella Road.

  • 1.7M views in Top Rated (98% likes) category on Omeleto.
  • DoP: Eben Bolter.
  • Produced by Forty Foot Pictures.

The End of the Line

Writer / Director - Short film in post-production
When two past lovers bump into each other on a train, their small talk struggles to contain the realisation that first love never dies.

The film is a proof of concept for the feature screenplay ‘The First Snow That Falls’.

  • Shot May 2019 in London / Cambridge
  • Starring Charles Warburton and Benedita Pereira
  • WINNER – Best Film, Drama, WINNER – Best Actress, Nominee – Best Screenplay, Best Director, Lonely Wolf Independent Film Festival 2020
  • WINNER – Best Script, Phoenix Shorts Festival 2021
  • DoP: Christopher Sharman

The Illustrator

Writer / director - short film
An Illustrator finds inspiration for her work on a walk through Toronto. Featured at Cannes Lions.

  • DoP: Dmitry Lopatin.
  • Produced by Stella Shoots.

The Rise and Fall of Tom and Sarah

Writer / Director - Short film
Mid-way through the mother of all break ups, Tom Finley remembers the first time he met Sarah Wright – over the counter of a London supermarket. Comedy drama starring Danny De Lilo and Hannah Wilder.