The Violinist is currently in pre-production. As the film is inspired by the classic musicals of the forties and fifties, the team behind it are working hard to make sure they borrow (or maybe steal) from the best whilst finding a fresh way to portray The Violinist’s mindset through sound and movement.

Michael Morgan Lavers

Writer / Director

David M. Saunders


Jeff Dmitriou


Filmmakers about the movie

'With 'The Violinist' I wanted to tell a story about interior worlds, and how a young woman uses music to connect with an ambivalent crowd; a string in someone else's orchestra. I also really wanted to have a crack at making a musical! It will be a challenge, but we're lucky to have a very talented team onboard.' Michael Lavers, Writer / Director

'Rarely does a composer come across a film with music at it’s very heart - I was lucky enough that Michael’s latest creation is just that. I am no doubt among many others for whom music has proved a salvation and a shining light at difficult times in my life, so to be able to portray that same power through cinema is a wonderful opportunity.' David Saunders, Composer

'I loved the concept of 'The Violinist' because I think of everyone in life as characters in a story. When I see people, sometimes I think of stories of who they are and what got them here. I can’t wait to see how all the characters in the film come to life when fantasy and reality blend, and dance takes control.' Miles Faber, Choreographer